7 Benefits of Niche Blogs

  7 Benefits of Niche Blogs Presented by Charles L Harmon of My Lucky Colors There are at least a handful of benefits of niche blogs that makes them a favorable bet for making money. Let’s describe a niche first. I will use an informal definition that serves the purpose of this article. A “niche” […]

Domain Name Value

Domain Name Value; they do have a value but it’s hard to define By

What’s your Blog Niche?

  What’s your Blog Niche and will it work for you? By Charles L Harmon Writing a blog might be easy, but finding a blog niche that you enjoy writing about might not be so easy. There are hundreds of millions of people on the Internet, so there are probably millions of blogs. If your […]

Niche Marketing Characteristics

Niche Marketing; some Characteristics about Niche Marketing Presented by Domain Sam The term niche marketing means different things to different people. It is usually thought of in terms of websites. Generally it is considered to mean websites in a particular segment of a mainstream market. The idea of such websites is usually to profit from […]

Niche Marketing and Niches

  What is a Niche Market and Niche Marketing? By Domain Sam If you’ve been on the internet for even a short while you probably have heard of the term niche market or niche marketing. Before the internet it was very rare to hear such terms, but if anyone is trying to make money or […]