Niche Marketing Characteristics

Niche Marketing; some Characteristics about Niche Marketing

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The term niche marketing means different things to different people. It is usually thought of in terms of websites. Generally it is considered to mean websites in a particular segment of a mainstream market.

The idea of such websites is usually to profit from selling products, generating advertising revenue or other forms of website monetization.

Can Niche Marketing be Effective?

Niche marketing can be effective because it allows you to operate in markets that are less competitive. This is a great benefit, as it means you have less competition than someone who targets the main niche or topic.

Potential for a seasoned marketer to capitalize on big opportunities is easier and far less costly than trying to compete with the main niche. Even for a new or unseasoned marketer operating in a narrow niche within a much larger niche can be profitable and usually in a much shorter time period compared to trying to target the main niche.

For new marketers particularly, niche marketing can be the key to making good money online because it allows you to compete on a level playing field. You don’t have to jump into the fray with the heavy weights. You can develop your skills in the smaller, narrow niches, before moving into the big leagues.

Pick a less Competitive Niche

If you pick the right niche you can build your site and establish yourself as an expert in that niche. You can sell your own products, and/or recommend other people’s products. The opportunities are almost endless and it’s certainly possible to make good money doing so.

One problem, however, is that as niche marketing has grown in popularity, many of the markets we called niche markets are now not so nichey anymore. They might be almost as bad as mainstream markets in terms of their competitiveness and difficulty to profit from.

However I have read successful or so-called successful marketers say that the number of competitors is irrelevant in online marketing. Whether that is true or not still when one sees a lot of competitor in a niche logical thinking says it is harder to break into that niche and make a profit compared to a less competitive niche.

Some markets that spring to mind that are highly competitive are things like acne, dog training, or anxiety. Even the more specialized niche versions, acne treatments, dog training videos or anxiety relief are difficult for most people to compete in and make money. Here is a list of six other highly popular and competitive niches:

Markets like these, while they can still be profitable will probably not make the average web marketer very much money. In addition it will take longer and much more effort to make whatever money they can make in these larger broader niches.

Tiny Niches – Tiny Profits?

Then there’s the other extreme. You can go to very tiny niches that get almost no search volume. You can find “long tail” keywords like ‘Sharpe training schools in Cucamonga” or “acne treatments that work in 4 days”, or “Chihuahua Puppy dog house plans”, etc. The big problems with these niches are:

  1. They often don’t get enough traffic
  2. They are so specific that even if you can drive traffic, there isn’t much you can do to serve those people except show them ads.

Again, in some cases this can be profitable if you know how to do it but that in itself is problematic. There are, however, people promoting making money from very tiny niches and software to find such niches. I have never met anyone that used such tactics, but it does seem possible if one specializes in it.

If you know someone making a lot of money from a very tiny niche(s) with very low traffic leave a comment or use the contact form.

Niche Research is a Necessity Alzheimer's niche

A site in the Alzheimer’s niche – Want to help with this site? You must be interested in Alzheimer’s disease. If so contact me.

The niche marketers that really make the most money are those that know how to find the perfect balance between competition and search volume. Not only that, they know how to analyze the nature of a niche market to determine how much potential it really has before they even enter it. They have figured out the niche marketing characteristics for that market.

By doing this they find markets that can make them big money quickly, faster than most people think possible. This usually takes some research, with keyword research being quite important since it’s often keywords that people type into the search engines that will lead them to your site. Even if you use paid traffic, keywords are important to get people to see your ads in many cases.

Then when these experienced niche marketers do find markets they think may be profitable they know how to make sites that will capitalize on them as effectively and efficiently as soon as possible. The result can be big profits.

There is no doubt that niche marketing, although sometimes a tricky game can be quite profitable when done right. Going after a sub niche of a larger niche where the people are passionate and have a problem that you can offer a solution to is a great first step to niche riches.

Niche Marketing Characteristics

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