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Email eCourses – Make More Money with Less Hassle

by Charles L Harmon

email ecourses

If you’re not yet convinced about the beauty of an eCourse then here are a few more reasons that might help get the point across:

1) No Technical Knowledge Needed

Email eCourses are very easy to set up compared to paid products and memberships. Whether you do a free eCourse or a paid eCourse the steps are pretty much the same. You probably already have a newsletter using email software like Aweber, and you can simply keep using this for your eCourse.

You’ll write your eCourse in your favorite text editor, then load up your emails by cutting and pasting them into Aweber. You’ll create a PayPal pay button, and the “thank you” page will be the sign up form via Aweber. Your members will sign up, and the delivery of the eCourse is on autopilot!

(Confused by that? Don’t worry – we cover it all step by step later on!)

2) No Need to Converse with Your Students

When you’re running an eCourse, you don’t have to ever even talk to your students. Of course, if someone has a problem you may need to deal with some customer service issues – you can let your virtual assistant handle that if something comes up. But since the member is in charge of unsubscribing via PayPal and you’ll ensure that this information is available on every single email you send out, there is very likely never going to be any reason to communicate with your students yourself other than within email. Simple!

3) Earn Residual Money for Working Once

An eCourse has the potential to keep earning money years after you have created it. This is called residual income. It’s the kind of income where you work once, but keep getting paid well into the future.

How does that work? Well, once you set everything up into your email service (like Aweber) and have the PayPal subscription button on your site, everyone who signs up now and in the future will start at the beginning of the eCourse. As long as you keep your email service and website online, people can sign up for years to for your email eCourse.

4) You Can Start Making Money Right Away

You don’t have to complete your entire eCourse before you start selling it, meaning you can bring that money in fast! For most other things one might sell, the product must be complete, ready to go, before you offer it to prospective customers. Not so with eCourses. It’s OK to have one or two lessons finished and then finish the rest as soon as you start selling the initial eCourse.

Here’s an example – you plan on selling an eCourse that’s 12 weeks long before it ends. However, you’ve only written the first week, so you start selling it right away. You then make sure you write and load each new lesson one week at a time until it’s complete. Your customers will never even know it wasn’t complete at the time you launched! To make things even better, once you’re done with all twelve weeks, you’re done, for good. Yet, you’ll still be bringing in money (see point 3 above).

5) You Don’t Even Have to Write It

Finally, you don’t even have to write the eCourse yourself! An eCourse is the perfect place to compile and use private label rights (PLR). This kind of content is cheaper to buy than unique, ghostwritten content since it’s sold to multiple buyers. You can break up any “how to” eBook or report to create a fabulous eCourse that you can make your own and promote.

email ecourses

Just add in some of your own words and make sure the advice is up-to-date, especially if it has to do with technology, and you’re done. You can even outsource this entire process to a virtual assistant. Once done, you can continue to promote it. Send out your email eCourse using your autoresponder and you can sit back and collect the money. It’s long term profit for a one-time writing project. That’s the beauty of eCourses plus email and autoresponders.

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