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About Niche Assist

Niche Assist is a blog about niches and niche marketing providing free information you can use to learn about niches and niche marketing.

It is also a membership site providing you with information products for various niches you can use for yourself or sell to others. Our main niches in the membership are;

  • Internet Marketing (Make Money Online)
  • Personal Development
  • Network Marketing / Home Business.

Many other niches are covered in the membership, including Dating, Relationships, Wealth Creation, and Finance. See our sales page for more information on our membership.

Membership to Niche Assist will be starting soon. The membership will be for those who want to buy or sell information products. It will offer eBooks for various niches you could sell (or use for yourself) and other information products, some of which you can sell, others for personal use only.

Domain names and websites are available for sale for both members and non members. Paid Members may receive a discount if purchasing a domain name or website from me.



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