eCourse Business Model

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eCourse Business Model – is that the case?

by Charles L Harmon

ecourse business model

The great thing about eCourses is that the entire idea can be used as your complete business model. As an eCourse business model you can simply create a lot of different eCourses for various niches, market them through various sales pages, and make your money just doing that.

Another other option is that you can use eCourses as an addition to your current product funnel. Your eCourse could be one step away from getting customers to sign up to a webinar, teleseminar or an in-person event. It could also be a step or two away from one-on-one coaching with you.

In other words, your eCourse can be an end in itself (i.e. profit making business model), or it can be a way to get people used to buying lower-cost products from you before selling higher-ticket programs and services.


eCourse Business Model

If you decide to make eCourses your main business, you can choose more than one niche, create a small website or sales page, Facebook community, Twitter handle, and so on for each niche that you’re involved with. Then, using only one Aweber account, you can set up several different eCourse subscriptions.

Once you create each eCourse you only need to spend time and money marketing the eCourse. If you set up an affiliate program, that’s even better. The types of eCourses you can set up are truly unlimited. Only your imagination can stop you.


eCourses as Part of Your Product Funnel

The more likely way that you’ll involve yourself with paid eCourses (and maybe even free ones) is making them an addition to your current product funnel.


A free eCourse could be at the widest part of your funnel to get people to sign up for your newsletter. In that case, you can take more liberties with each section of the course and market your other products and services along with the course content.
ecourse business model

If you create a paid eCourse, it can be at a smaller point in your product funnel, at a lower price. Afterwards, you might then promote a webinar or teleseminar and then go on to promote one-on-one coaching. eCourses are a great way to give your audience a taste of your in person offerings.


Earning Residual Income is the Goal

Plus, the very top of your product funnel before one-on-one anything it’s always a great idea to seek residual income.

Residual income is the only way to make regular money without more work. Residual income means that you worked once and you make money over and over again without working again (save for smaller maintenance and customer service tasks).

Of course, you will have to continually market your eCourse, but if you set up an affiliate program some of that marketing will also be on autopilot. If you don’t have an affiliate program starting one is not difficult or very technical if you use a good program.

Whether you decide to make it your business to create eCourses for a variety of niches or just one, or whether you make an eCourse part of your current product funnel is up to you. It’s perfectly normal for your goals to change over time.

eCourses can serve you well whether it’s a onetime thing, a normal part of your operations, or your business is operating using an eCourse business model. Regardless of what you do regarding eCourses, you must take action if you want the benefits eCourses can bring you, especially residual income.

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