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Find Niche Affiliate Marketing Programs in a Niche You Like

By Charles L Harmon

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You might be thinking you can put up a website about a niche that pays a lot of money if you could be an affiliate in that niche. That might sound like the best way to go as an affiliate. If that’s the case you probably haven’t thought it through. Niche affiliate marketing can make you money. Yes the money would be good assuming you were successful, but you have to remember that those very niches are the ones that are usually the most competitive.


Your Conscience may Play a Part

There is another factor that is most important too. Many people, maybe including you, would be hesitant to promote products they were not interested in. In almost all cases it is easier and less stressful to promote something you are familiar with.

It’s also easier to promote something you have actually used and had some experience with. That wouldn’t be the case if you just went willy-nilly into any old niche and tried to suck out all the money from it that you could, even if you were promoting products you have no idea if they work or were worthwhile.

Of course, for some people they don’t care whether they have used the product they are promoting, or whether it has any merit, or anything about it. All they care about is the money. If that’s the case with you good luck. You can fight the heavy competition in those big money niches. You can spend much longer trying to break into those markets and more time and probably money getting to the point someone who decides to pick a niche they like and can be competitive in.

A lot of people promote affiliate marketing programs that pay well. They start creating sites to promote the programs. They write articles and post ads. Many of the affiliate programs available today are about making money online.

The above type of affiliate marketing will not appeal to everyone. Some people are not really interested in promoting affiliate programs that claim to help buyers get rich by starting an online business. And you may not want to promote something you don’t really believe in or trust yourself.


Your Skills and Knowledge may come in Handy

So what’s the solution if you are someone that wants a good chance to make money in affiliate marketing? Try niche affiliate marketing instead. You’ll have a very good chance of making money, and probably faster and with less work than strictly going for the big money right off the bat. With niche affiliate marketing, however, you can participate in affiliate marketing without giving in to pressure to sell things you don’t believe in.

Do some soul searching. Is there something you are knowledgeable about that others aren’t? In many cases you can use that knowledge to make money online. We all have knowledge that we can share with others even if you can’t think of it right away. What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? What are favorite activities of yours? Normally the things you are good at you may not give a second thought to or may even be boring to you, but they could be of interest to others.

piercing - body ornament niche

If you have children think about your children and how many things have you learned raising your children? Parents have a lot of knowledge and information they learned that they can share with new parents who could benefit from their experiences.

Maybe you are a pet lover and you know all about buying, caring for, and even breeding, say Alaskan Huskies. It may not be clear how you can use your special knowledge to start doing niche affiliate marketing. If you are a parent, you could find affiliate programs that have to do with parenting. Then you can start writing articles about your parenting experiences.

If you are knowledgeable about a certain breed of dog or some other pet you could write articles and promote that specific niche within the dog niche or whatever niche your pet experience is in. Alternatively, for virtually any niche, you could set up a blog and write about your experiences and knowledge as blog posts and possibly interviews with people with similar experience.

Supposed you like to cook. Many people do and are really good at it. But you have honed your skills on healthy budget snacks and meals. With such knowledge you should be able to find a compatible niche. You could set up a blog and promote healthy foods, snacks, recipe books, etc. You become an affiliate of appropriate products and promote them. You’d enjoy it and make money from affiliate marketing in the process.

If you don’t have any hobbies or don’t have anything you feel you are really good at you could still be an affiliate marketer. Almost certainly there is something you are interested it. Maybe that could be the topic of a niche blog or website.


A very Broad Niche – not a good example

My site, is an example of that, however it covers the very broad niche of astronomy or space. I happen to really like studying about the universe  so I decided I would put up a site about that. Such a site would allow me to promote telescopes, books, seminars, etc. plus ads. In that particular case, because of the technical matter involved, I opted to use RSS feeds to get a lot of the data for the site. You could do the same for any really technical niches.

It is best your articles be 800 – 900 words or longer. If you write from experience, it shouldn’t be too hard to write such articles promoting the affiliate programs you’ve picked. As an example this article is about 1200 words although I am not promoting a specific product in this article, it is part of a collection of articles on affiliate marketing.


Example Article Directory Article

Submit your articles to just a small handful of top article directories and make them available for other website owners to use on their sites. Don’t overdo this for article directories aren’t nearly as effective as they were in the recent past.

Niche Affiliate Marketing


Publish Articles on your Own Site

You can also publish your articles exclusively on your site, where you also have your affiliate links displayed. This is probably the best use for them, so if you do decide to put articles elsewhere, off your site, be sure to place the best articles on your own site. If you produce quality articles, visitors are likely to stay on your site and keep coming back. This means your affiliate links have a much greater chance of getting clicked.


Guest Posts will Help

Once you get good at writing quality articles for your niche then consider writing some as guest posts for the most popular blogs or websites in your niche. You’d have a link back to your site preferably somewhere in the body of the article or in an author resource box at the end of the article. Alternatively sometimes the author link will be beneath the title of the article. Just make sure you can have an active link back to your site.

So yes, by finding a niche affiliate marketing program in a niche you like, it will be easier for you to do well, it will be more interesting, and can turn your knowledge into some extra affiliate marketing cash. domain ad

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