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Use Keyword Rich Niche Articles to get Targeted Website Traffic

Presented by Charles L Harmon of Good Luck Domains

keyword richniche articles

In spite of article directories taking a bit hit over a year ago by Google, content of a website still seems to be ruling. Most people go online looking for information about their favorite topics, or about whatever happens to be on their mind at the moment. Frequent Internet users seem to have an insatiable appetite for information on all sorts of things and articles can supply part of that need.

It seems that now the current big thing in content is curated content. Like a museum curates the items they have and only the best are shown you can curate content on your website.  Large sites with current news and other current information curate their web pages with snippets of news and articles from other sources and you can too.

Wikipedia calls it digital curation and here is what they say about it:

Digital curation is the selection, preservation, maintenance, collection and archiving of digital assets. Digital curation establishes, maintains and adds value to repositories of digital data for present and future use.

So a big help if you want to drive targeted traffic and pre-qualified potential buyers to your website, is for you to publish useable information online in the form of interesting keyword rich articles. They can be short or long, with long getting the nod, curated snippets from other popular sources if you give the source attribution and a link back to where you got it from, or articles can be something original you are blogging about.

There are other kinds of content that you might have too, but in order to get people to read the articles or whatever content you put on your site, keywords are a main way people reach your article if they use a search engine.

keyword optimized niche articles

Here are some reasons why you must select relevant keywords people may be searching on.

Get more Exposure for Your Website

It’s much easier to achieve high search engine ranking for article pages than for your homepage or sales pages. Search engines are hungry for fresh content on practically every topic under the sun.

So, write your articles surrounding less competitive keywords or edit those keywords into already existing articles you own. You will have a much better chance of getting your article indexed by major search engines if you have keywords people use to search on.

If the articles are on someone else’s site be sure to place a link to your website in the article by-line or resource box.

Get Back Links from Authority Sites

Each time your article and site links are republished online, it provides a back link to your website. Back links are regarded by search engines as a sort of recommendation for your website. If your site has a number of quality back links, it can improve the search engine ranking of your site.

On the other hand, if the quality of those linking to you, including any articles you wrote that are not high quality, then it’s possible you won’t get credit for them or they will get less credit than a higher quality article.

Submitting your articles to online article directories is definitely not what it used to be. From all I’ve read recently I wouldn’t recommend it. However, it’s rather difficult to know exactly how the search engines rank articles and links from articles. So if you still feel it is advantageous to submit to article directories , I suggest only submit a small number of articles, and submit them to larger recognized article directories such as Ezine Articles. Don’t submit to hundreds of article directories, just a few top ones are enough if you go this route.

Many directory sites are regarded by major search engines as authority sites too, and are spidered frequently for new content. This means the website link you include in your article will also be indexed from the site where it is found. Offer your articles for reprint as well. When other website owners republish them on their own sites, it will develop even more back links for your website. Just don’t get carried away with these tactics or your site may get penalized in its rankings.

niche articles

Improve Your Conversion Rate

If you are selling something, have ads on your site, are selling a product or just have an email signup or subscription box on your site, that means get more of the website visitors to click the ads, buy your product or the product you are promoting or give you their email address. By conversion rate, we mean the percentage of website visitors that convert to paying customers, subscribers or sales.

You can boost your credibility and convert more website visitors into paying customers by providing them with interesting and informative articles. In your articles or blog posts you could then introduce them to related products you have for sale or are promoting.

If you just simply display products on your website with no related information or content, it will likely result in a low conversion rate. It is important that you use articles or blog posts to first prove your credibility and your knowledge in your field.

You have a very low Cost (if you do it yourself)

Your thoughts and your computer are really all you need.  If you can write a letter that explains the details of some topic, then you can write articles on topics that interest you or about something you know or have experience in.  This is something you can do and publish on your own site; possibly changing such articles somewhat, then submitting to other websites.

But if you don’t like to write, believe that you can’t write articles, don’t have the time to write, then you can still have original keyword rich articles written for you. By keyword rich I mean a variety of keywords in articles and not some huge percentage of the same keyword present in the article like in the olden days some years ago.

Article costs have gone up since the days I used to pay from $5 to $8 for articles, with the $8 amount being the better quality articles. Nowadays, even in India where it used to cost just a few bucks for an article, it now costs more. It also is hard to find good English writers in countries where English is not the primary language, but it is still possible if you look hard. Instead of 400 – 500 word niche articles you should go for double that or more words. Whatever you pay, unless it is a ridiculously high amount, the potential value can be enormous in terms of bringing targeted visitors and buyers to your website.

keyword optimized niche article

Personally I have paid up to $50 for a quality long article. In terms of article length I try to have a minimum of about 900 words. But for me that is difficult to do because if I write about something I know, have experience in or like, the articles almost always turn out longer than I aim for. Here is an example of a long article I wrote, and here is another long article that was so long I broke it up into several parts.

So even though the landscape for articles is not what it used to be, articles have a place in the content of websites. Use keywords people are searching on as well as longtail search phrases of several words someone may type into a search engine search box and you should garner traffic from your articles, whether they are on your site or some other website.


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