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Business and Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Grow

business and marketing tips
If you’ve been on the internet any period of time you have run across all sorts of sites that have various kinds of business and marketing tips as well as social and many other types of tips. You name it, there are almost an infinite number of tips if you consider all the things there could be tips for. Tips are great in many respects. Some offer suggestions you never thought of. Others reflect things you didn’t even know.

Some tips are time-saving tips, while others might help you make more money with less effort. Then there are tips that help you save money, tips to get better grades, etc. The list goes on and on, but you get the idea. Tips can be a valuable asset to have if they pertain to whatever you are doing or want to do.

For example, I was trying to sell one of my domain names and I made the mistake of telling the buyer all the steps of buying a domain name from someone selling their domain name. Later, after I talked to a domain name professional who gave me a tip about making it easy for the buyer, I knew my dissertation of the exact steps I had given the prospective buyer was not the best move and could easily dissuade them from buying from me.

If you have a tip and want to share it with our readers submit it on the contact form.

When I was heavily involved in trying to buy real estate “with no money down” I went to a lot of real estate seminars. My idea of going to so many was this: If I could get just one good tip from a seminar I would be satisfied. I had carefully selected those seminars I thought I’d be most interesting in learning something about. As a result within about a month after my first seminar I was able to buy my first house with no money down. That was a direct result of learning a few solid tips that allowed me to do the right things in order to buy a house with none of my own money.

Here are a few different categories of tips related to doing business. Most are business and marketing tips as well as social marketing tips. They may apply to those doing business online or typical brick and mortar businesses that use online methods or have websites in addition to their physical business. Some could apply to those that just have a website for pleasure, but want to get more exposure or traffic.

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Some tips can save you money while others will make you money, but this tip here will lose you money.

Some tips apply to more than one category. It is unlikely most tips will apply to any one business or person with a website, but usually there will be at least several that will apply to anyone with a website or business if they have a website or want to get more people to come to their business.

This is an ongoing section and as I get or discover more tips I will add them to this section. Although most will be business or marketing tips, it will definitely include social media or social marketing tips too, along with some that fall into multiple categories. If you have a particular tip(s) you want to share with readers of this site please use the contact form and submit them here. If appropriate, we will publish them along with your name as the one submitting it.

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