Niche Assist Membership FAQ

Q. Do FREE members get the same product as paid members?

A. Yes for the free product. Paid members get additional products each month, including a niche eBook they can sell plus many other products.


Q. Can FREE members convert to paid members?

A. Yes, at any time by signing up for the paid membership and paying monthly.


Q. What are the topics of the ebooks?

A. They will be focused on online business and marketing, SEO, social marketing, websites, and other related topics.


Q. How do we get our products?

A. You download them. Products are uploaded to the members area each month.


Q. Are free members able to get the eBooks. Tentatively, yes, they may be available for purchase online, but paid members will have them included in their membership.


Q. What happens after the fixed term is up?

A. You will have the option to continue the membership on a monthly basis for half the current monthly membership cost.