Evergreen Moneymaking Niches

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Top 5 Evergreen Moneymaking Niches Infographic

by Domain Sam

It’s good to know about evergreen moneymaking niches if you want to make money online. When you read or hear about internet or online marketing one of the first things you hear is that you should pick a niche. That is you should concentrate on a particular field, subject, or theme for your website. There is good reason for this. One of the major objects of even having a website, more importantly a business website or a website where you will be selling something, is to make money from it. This will not happen if you don’t get sufficient traffic to it.

There is an easy way to select your niche. You can just consider a niche which gets a lot of traffic. To be even more refined, the niche niche should be evergreen, that is it should be about a topic that has year-round interest, thus traffic all year. That’s opposed to niches that are seasonal. Picking one of the major niches which interest people all the time will give you a heads up verses choosing one that is seasonal and gets traffic to it just certain parts or even certain days of the year. An example of certain days would be Valentines day.

Here is an infographic showing five major evergreen moneymaking niches where there is always interest and traffic you can tap if you have a website specializing in one of these niches.

evergreen moneymaking niches

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Thoughts about Niches

Should your website not be in a niche or is in too general a niche, you will have a very difficult time attracting people to your site, and as a result the chances of making decent money from it is very low or even nil in some cases. Another thing to remember is that even though you choose one of the above major evergreen moneymaking niches is that you will have a lot of competition.

There are two lines of thought about large niches, which the above definitely are, and that’s it is wise to pick a narrow niche within the main niche. It’s true you will experience less competition and may have a better chance of making more money in such a sub niche.

The second line of thought is that the number of competing web pages or sites in a niche is not very important. If you follow good SEO tactics and good on-page guidelines plus get relevant links to the website you can outrank many of the competing sites and still make money. I’m not going to berate either of these two opposite opinions, but will say if you can tap traffic in any one of the above niches you can make money regardless of the competition.

The days of easy ranking are gone and your website needs to have quality information on it regardless of anything else. These evergreen moneymaking niches could be a good start for anyone trying to make money online. For best results and possibly less work, I suggest narrowing your choice of topic to a specific topic within one of the major evergreen niches. That way it is easier to concentrate on quality content and the site will be more focused. It can give the visitor more solid information and should help in getting more traffic for that particular topic within the broader main niche.

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