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Full Time Affiliate Marketing Income

By Ibrahim Dahy

Learning affiliate marketing could be a part time or a full time job. The key of being full time affiliate is to find high paying affiliate programs. My purpose in this post is to show you everything you actually need to be a full time affiliate showing you how to become a super affiliate in the near future.

Build Your Own Skills

To make serious money in affiliate marketing, you need some skills that can help you.

You need to know how to build websites. You need marketing skills. You need to know more about the web. Believe it or not, your skills decide how much success you can make as affiliate. You can’t run a full time affiliate marketing business without having the basic skills you need to make money easily.
Here are some skills you need to have to be able to become a full-time affiliate:

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Niche Finding Skills

This skill is the first skill you need to learn, because it shows you how you can discover markets that you can promote your affiliate products to. Niche markets are small markets within specific markets.

“Keyword Planner” and forum research is a good start. You can discover niches by going through forums or ecommerce websites, like eBay, and see what is available and decide which markets to serve after doing your due diligence.

Research Skills

Of course, niche finding is an essential research project. Research is considered to be everything in any business, especially when doing Internet business. The amount of information you need to gather is enormous. You need to collect information about your target market, competitors, etc.

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Research tools are important here., for instance, is a tool that allows you to research the demand of e commerce products to create your business plan according to insights you discovered. Imagine having one place to give you all the data that allows you to know what products have demand, and how much demand for such products. It let’s you understand how much quantity you need, and in what prices. This allows you to project sales and easily understand your costs.

If you are going to join eBay or Amazon affiliate, so doing your research using Terapeak is something useful.

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Relationship Building Skills

In order to make much money you have to learn how build relationships with customers. The easiest way to build relationship online is through email marketing. People get to know you when they receive email messages from you. This device is great, and it’s not difficult at all.

There are some tips I can show you here:

# 1 – Always Send Content Regularly Through eMail – Creating value to your audience is the first step to know you. The more value you can give out, the more they can trust you.
Your goal then is to plan your email messages as auto-responder series or drip feed marketing. You can deliver anything you want as long as you have the ability to provide real value.

#2 – Learn About Your Customers’ Needs First – If you know what they want, you can deliver value easily. Therefore, you need to have a system for gathering information about your customers. You need to know who they are, what their problems are, and other relevant info.

#3 – Studying Your Market and Competition Here is Essential – If you want to be effective and deliver better value, you have to study your competition first. If you provide content, make sure that you have checked competing content websites or blogs and see how to differentiate yourself in a way that makes better value to customers.
One way to understand competition is to use data mining services. Data mining helps you get all competing websites without wasting time. You can also extract various competing products, not just blogs or content based websites.

List Building Skills

Ask any super affiliate what is the most important thing to you, and they’ll tell you it’s list building. Without a list building you can’t build trust, or promote products to big number of customers at a time.

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List building gives you a chance to build a robust relationship with your customers. The major advantage of building a list is to send a mass emails to your customers at once. A good strategy to build your list fast is to target long tail keywords and rank your squeeze page with an enticing freebie. You’ll get higher rank plus you’ll reach customers fast without any money.

If you like the idea of building a PPC campaign and have some budget, this will be a great idea. Just use any keyword research tool and get a moderate search keyword. These keywords are not competitive (if you select 1000 search max).

Must Have Some Budget

Without budget, it’s hard to make your affiliate marketing a full time job. Many things you need to do require budget. Stuff like newsletter management, like auto-responder software or landing page designs, hosting, marketing, etc. all this stuff costs you money. With a proper budget, you can’t build a long term affiliate business that generates much income.

Big Markets are More Profitable

You need to make sure that the markets you target are big enough to get hefty income from your affiliate promotions. Make sure it worth it. Markets like health or insurance for example, although they’re very competitive, but they’re an example of markets with huge affiliate income potential.

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Seek Professional Assistance

Because you need to write much content, either newsletter or blog, you might need to find yourself lacking enough time to do all the essential stuff on your own. You need to do more important tasks yourself, like finding products to sell, trying to figure out new ways to increase your website traffic or build your list.

The bottom line here is that if you are serious about making your affiliate business a full time, then you might need some virtual assistant to help you running your affiliate business.

Deciding to make your online business a full time is a major decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. Some people prefer to work part-time affiliate marketers until they see results good enough to make them go full time.

If you can’t afford to be jobless then you should certainly work as a part time affiliate marketer while you learn the basics of affiliate marketing from any good affiliate marketing training like Affset.

That’s because affiliate marketing is not something you can master in a day or two, it needs patience and dedication.


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